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Corporate Event Entertainment

Whether it’s an important business event you’re hosting, dinner, a ball or your staff party – having the right music to fit your carefully cultivated atmosphere is key.
Anna van Riel Nook Road Productions Corporate Events

With lush harmonies and guitarist accompaniment to lift her own rhythm guitar, Anna offers dynamic vocal performances that slot perfectly into the relaxed dinner evening you have organised for your team or guests. A full band option is also available for events and celebrations.

Offering a collection of well-loved summery covers and a dappling of feel-good originals, Anna van Riel brings her folk-jazz groove to lift the energy,  and help you to create a memorable event.

With a growing awareness that strong and connected teams increase productivity, many successful companies are incorporating creative workshops as part of their team building strategy.

Check out Nook Rd Productions Corporate Workshop options that can be tied in with your corporate event.

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