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Offering a wide variety of creative workshops, Nook Road Productions encourages creative growth in both the arts and in sustainable living.
Artist Development And Coaching Anna Van Riel Nook Road

Using simple, supportive and user-friendly tools, the focus of workshops is to help you to become your own best coach in your field.

With opportunities for all ages to participate, explore the engaging workshops Anna delivers below.

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Discover Anna's workshops

Anna’s one-on-one vocal coaching service will help you to find your true voice through a range of  fun and dynamic lessons.

Whatever your vocal coaching needs, Anna can help. She offers one-on-one voice coaching, group coaching as well as online vocal lessons.

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Whether solo, duo or with a large team, Anna provides creative workshops that bring out the best in participants and support empowered growth.

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Anna provides dynamic, engaging and interactive workshops for children in their early learning phase, right through to teens.

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Reduce waste, decrease your cost of living and learn empowering tools to live more creatively and sustainably.

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From bespoke house concerts, children’s entertainment, weddings and community events to festivals, find your entertainment needs at Nook Road Productions.

"Mentoring is a brain to pick, an ear to listen, and a push in the right direction."

John Crosby