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Your voice is your pathway to success – make it work for you!

Nook Road Productions offers vocal coaching to unlock your full potential.

Founded by award-winning singer/songwriter, performing artist, and TOSCA accredited vocal coach Anna van Riel, Nook Road Productions offers expert guidance on voice projection, breath work, vocal pedagogy, public performance and how to take care of your voice (particularly when feeling unwell).

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An array of vocal coaching services

Our comprehensive suite of professional voice coaching services caters to a diverse clientele. Let Central Otago vocal coach Anna help you to unlock your full potential.

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Group Work – Teams

Stage Presence And Performance Coaching

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Corporate vocal coaching

Why choose vocal coaching for your team?

Strong and connected teams increase productivity. Successful companies are incorporating creative workshops as part of their team building strategy. What is your company doing?

Empower your team to be better communications through vocal coaching.

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Vocal Projection

Need to be heard amongst the crowd? Learn tools to project your voice without straining.

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Breath Work

Master breathing strategies that support you when spending a long day talking to customers.

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Vocal Pedagogy

Understand the basic mechanics of how your voice works in order to be able to effectively apply the supportive tools learned in workshops.

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Public Performance

If part of your work includes speaking to groups of people, small or large, these tools will help you use both your voice as well as a microphone, effectively.

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Caring For Your Voice

Learn how to care for your voice so that when under pressure, you maintain the power and clarity to get your message heard.

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Engage your Audience

Master strategies to modulate your tone and pitch to draw in and authentically engage with your audience.

“Be clear and compelling. Be remembered for the right reasons.”

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