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Corporate Voice Coaching

With a growing awareness that strong and connected teams increase productivity, many successful companies are incorporating creative workshops as part of their team building strategy.
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With a range of corporate voice coaching options available, Nook Road Productions can support you and your team with an engaging workshop that will help you to feel confident and discover a voice that is articulate and engaging.

What's included

Corporate voice coaching sessions include a focus on:

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Why choose a vocal workshop?

Do you or your team use your voices all day long? Do you or your team members suffer regular vocal fatigue or even voice loss after a big week at work?

Would you love to have the tools to prevent vocal strain and promote clarity and flexibility when you speak?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above, then you and your team would benefit from a group vocal coaching workshop.

Corporate vocal coaching workshops

Book a 2 hour corporate vocal coaching workshop and give your team the tools to learn the breath-work, vocal mechanics and tools to help them navigate the daily demands of their roles.

Whether your employees are speakers, leaders, or support customers over the phone –  knowing you’re giving them the tools to get the best out of their voices, as well as navigating environmental and physical changes (ie recovery from sickness and voice loss) is key.

This dynamic, fun and engaging workshop is ideal for 1:1 sessions or groups, to arm your team with a vocal toolbox they can take with them anywhere.

The workshop will also provide a golden opportunity to  strengthen your connection with both your customers and your team.