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With Nook Road Production clients located across New Zealand, have a read of what they have to say about Anna’s services.

Anna Van Riel Nook Road Productions Concert Options
"Anna van Riel is not only a thoughtful and creative songwriter but a dedicated, patient and enthusiastic voice practitioner. I’ve had the privilege of coaching Anna in singing and vocal pedagogy through my TOSCA training certification. (Teachers of Singing Certification Aotearoa) To achieve level two of her TOSCA certification, Anna worked directly with the clients of my voice studio and I got to observe her joyous and specific approach to teaching. She cares greatly for the experience of the person being coached and the authenticity of this care goes a long way to making the client instantly comfortable and therefore more likely to try new things."

"Anna is very curious by nature and is constantly upskilling and experimenting. Her unique perspective as a songwriter makes her a special and reflective voice coach."
Kelly Hocking
Principal, The Voice Lab NZ
"Oh My Goodness Anna is an amazing vocal teacher. I have learnt so much in two lessons. My understanding of voice control and whole body engagement has taken me to another level already. So looking forward to our next session."

"Book if you are considering lessons as she will book up quickly. Anna offers zoom lessons as well for out if towners."
Jenny Geelan
Vocal Client
"Anna is a truly amazing person! She is not only extremely talented but is a gifted and patient tutor with a lot of passionate for what she does. The vocal lessons our daughter has had with Anna have inspired confidence and enthusiasm for music and singing. We are grateful to have met Anna. She really is a gem!"
Sonya Zoom In A Little
Sonya Horne
Vocal Client
"Anna has a broad depth of knowledge and experience of singing and the breath which she uses to guide the student with confidence, skill and compassion. In my experience she attunes to the student exactly where they are, encouraging them and cheering them on and seeing where their unique talents lie.

Her passion for singing and natural gift for teaching also shine through. Her playful and enthusiastic nature make the class enjoyable and singing fun, which it should be!."
Hannah Scovell-Lightfoot
Vocal Client
"Anna’s workshop was fun and informative. I learnt lots about how to use my voice correctly and effectively. I enjoyed learning to sing in parts and our final song sounded pretty good I thought! "
Michaela Cox
Vocal Client

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