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Vocal students are offered tools to help build their own ‘vocal toolbox’, empowering them to become their own best coach. 

Anna van Riel - Nook Rd Productions- Workshops
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Are you ready to unlock your vocal potential?

Anna’s one-on-one vocal coaching service will help you to find your true voice through a range of  fun and dynamic lessons.

Whatever your vocal coaching needs, Anna can help. She offers one-on-one voice coaching, group coaching as well as online vocal lessons.

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Vocal Projection

Need to be heard amongst the crowd? Learn tools to project your voice without straining.

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Skill development

Gain understanding about how your voice works, and develop skills to improve clarity, control, pitch and range.

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Online vocal coaching

Not able to get to Central Otago? Anna is available for Vocal Coaching lessons online.

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Why choose vocal coaching?

Vocal coaching is an investment in yourself and your abilities, helping you reach your full potential as a vocalist or speaker.

Develop proper breathing techniques, posture, and vocal exercises to enhance your overall vocal performance. This can lead to improved pitch, range, and control.

Learn how to use your voice efficiently and avoid harmful habits that may lead to vocal fatigue or injury.

Through targeted exercises and training, Anna will help you to expand your vocal range; enabling you to sing or speak higher or lower notes with greater ease.

Vocal coaching can boost your confidence in your singing or speaking abilities. As you become more comfortable with your voice and develop better control, you will feel more self-assured in various performance or public speaking situations.

If you face specific challenges such as vocal strain, hoarseness, or difficulty reaching certain notes, a vocal coach can help identify the root causes and work with you to address and overcome these challenges.

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