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About Nook Road Productions

Nook Road Productions was founded by award-winning singer/songwriter and performing artist Anna van Riel, who offers expert guidance on vocal coaching, vocal pedagogy, public performance and artist development.

Nook Road Productions offers a range of fun and dynamic vocal coaching options to help enable students to reach their full creative potential.

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About Anna

Anna van Riel has been a vocalist for as long as she can recall.

As a child she was always a member of the choir, kapa haka group and in the thick of the school productions. 

With a classically-singing mother and contemporary-singing father, Anna’s inspirations have been a mix of opera, pop, rock and musical theatre.

With her Teacher of Singing Certification Aotearoa 1 & 2 Anna is an affiliate of The Voice Lab, Dunedin, where she trained under coach and mentor Kelly Hocking.

At her Hāwea-based vocal studio, tucked away on Nook Rd Anna offers lessons with a focus on breathwork, vocal mechanics, vocal pedagogy and performance.

Vocal students are offered tools that help to build their own ‘vocal toolbox’  and therefore become their own best coach. 

Lessons are fun, dynamic and enable students to find their true voice.

Anna also offers vocal workshops for individuals, groups and as part of her tours.

Anna runs a voice clinic from her studio which is tucked away in a valley nestled beside Lake Hāwea.

A serial performer, Anna has sculpted a career in performing arts, which also encompasses her love of living on the land, homesteading and caring for Papatūānuku, our earth mother. She has scripted and composed her one-woman stage show Waste Free Wanda, which tours in New Zealand.

A mother of two, Anna understands the importance of supporting creative inspiration in early years, and offers creative outlets and opportunities for students aged 1-100.

Living rurally in the Deep South of New Zealand, Anna has felt the absence of arts and creative opportunities, and has spent her career gathering knowledge that she is now excited to share and use to support others.

Offering workshops, not only in music, but also in food preparation and preservation, Anna has a love for sharing tools that make sense and support her students to live their best life. 

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Voice Coaching Services

Offering a range of fun and dynamic vocal training options, Anna’s coaching services help enable students to reach their full creative potential.

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Vocal students are offered tools that help to build their own ‘vocal toolbox’ and therefore become their own best coach.

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With a growing awareness that strong and connected teams increase productivity, many successful companies are incorporating creative workshops as part of their team building strategy

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Expand your opportunities and kick some bucket-list goals as an artist through a range of functional, practical and creative coaching programmes with Anna.